The Book of Rounds: Choral Edition
The Book of Rounds – simply lovely!
Deke Sharon, Arranger, Musical Director, Producer of D Cappella, The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect 1, 2 & 3, Founder of the CACS (Contemporary A Cappella Society)
A gorgeous musical journey.
Paul Winter, 7-Time Grammy Winner, Producer, Saxophonist & Founder of the Living Music record label
Hauntingly beautiful melodies that match the text magnificently.
Maggie Brooks, Yale Camerata
Unforgettable journey for any program. I couldn’t recommend the rounds more highly.
Ryan Heller, Artistic Director, Chorus Austin
Superb musicality, top-flight artistry.
Clarke K. Oler, St. John’s University Mixed Chorus

1. Meadow

I will always love you

In the shelter of my mind

At the edges of a meadow

Where the sun shines

All the time

2. Together

Here we are


Even if we are all alone

Here we are

Here we are together

The moment is alive in us

The future will survive in us

3. Grace

Now in this moment

It’s time to start over

Open your heart

You know there’s nothing to forgive

Starting now

4. Ready

When the sky is falling

And your heart is broken

Are the angels calling

When you are alone

Will you be ready then

When the angels call you

Will your heart be open

When the sky is falling

Will you be ready then

5. Rain

Rain is falling on the windowsill

Clouds are covering the night

I will hold you

Till the storm is over

Till you waken to the light

6. Home

When you’re far away

When you feel alone

When the whole world has betrayed you

I will be your home

7. Earth

Small and bright and beautiful

Moving through the darkness

A breath of blue

Embracing you

You shimmer with the secrets of life

You’re so small

8. Deep

Deep in the silence

So perfect and slow

Holding you

Like a melody

Someone sang to you long ago

As beautiful as the song inside of you

Hear the melody

Feel it guiding you

Always homeward

Leading you here

Where I’m deep in the silence


9. Someone

If you long for someone

Who will take you into their arms

Someone kind

Who will care

Someone true

Who will love you

There is someone

Waiting for you


10. Turn

If you need a world to belong to

Look around

You’re already home

And what you seek

You’ve already found

Turn around to me

You will see

No reason to be lonely


11. Found

Find me

Where you left me

Where you kept me

In your heart

And in the part of me

That is part of you

I’ll be waiting for you


Leaving all the fear

Behind me

Until you find me


12. Know

Where you are

And where you go

Sky above you

Earth below

You will leave more than you can know

But no matter where you go

You will know

I am there


13. Timeless

Somewhere closer than your heartbeat

In the name that you whisper into prayer

Will you remember the feeling

In the sadness

And the healing

As timeless and as present

As the air


14. Believe

All you are

And all you’ll ever be

Everything to me

You are so much more than you believe

Maybe you will see

You can be free

After all

15. Beauty

See your reflection

In the eyes of a child

Free of the shadows

Of your innocence

And beauty


16. Rise

As the sun is rising

To shine

Out of the ocean

Into the sky

The whole world

Ancient and new

Holds the beauty

Inside you


17. Time

If only I could turn back the hands of time

If only I could hold your hand again

In mine

For a day

For an hour

For a moment

Or forever


18. Shadow

We will find our way

By candlelight

Each of us holding a flame

As we move into shadows

Our light will change

Always different

And always the same


19. Light

Light will move

Through broken places

Soften the edges

Of empty spaces

You breathe in the feeling

And move into the night

A moment embracing

What time is erasing

The light


20. Eden

In this garden

I know who you are

Blood in the dust of a fallen star

If we choose to let go

If we choose to forgive

We can comfort each other

And start to live


21. Joy

Dance in a circle

Clapping our hands

Life is a cartwheel

Life is a handstand

For no reason

Amazing happiness

For no reason

Crazy with joy