The Book of Rounds: Choral Edition


The Book of Rounds is not only an exquisitely rhapsodic cycle of musical rounds, it is also a transformative journey of consciousness—with lyrics that offer a new vocabulary of mantra—in English.

Conceived by Julie Flanders, with lyrics by Flanders and music by Emil Adler, each round is a fugue of positive messages created to invoke a feeling of well-being in those that listen to, sing or speak them. The music lifts the words beyond their ordinary meanings into an enveloping and transformative experience that is poetic and universal.


A round is a melody that harmonizes itself as it repeats, with voices entering at measured intervals, and cascading over each other to create a kaleidoscopic effect of meaning and beauty. Through the repetition that defines it, a round can have a profound contemplative effect.

The Book of Rounds offers many programming and sequencing possibilities to create a dramatic and a meditative arc that will move the listener through what is ultimately a relaxing, energizing and integrated experience.


Using simple, prayer-like language, the rounds are essentially positive mantras that cascade, circle and relate in the same way the melodies do. With every repetition, each lyric begins to acquire different shades of meaning, shifting the mind and the heart of the listener. 

Julie Flanders, whose deeply influential work in the expressive arts is complemented by her profound work as a healer and spiritual teacher, describes this as one of her most personal projects. The Book of Rounds was originally written for her son—as an embrace of protection and comfort during difficult times. 


Produced by Emil Adler and internationally acclaimed recording artist October Project, The Book of Rounds – Choral Edition is performed by Chorus Austin and conducted by Ryan Heller (Artistic Director). Using an innovative approach, Adler added elements of ‘close-up’ pop recording to the more traditional methods of recording a choir in the ‘live’ sound environment of a church. The result is a more intimate, immersive experience for the listener that bridges the worlds of pop and classical music.

Vocal arrangements by Keiji Ishiguri were re-arranged by Heller for large chorus, with vocal supervision by Marina Belica. Grammy winners Ed Boyer, mixing engineer, and Bill Hare, mastering engineer, who specialize in vocal recording and have worked together on Pentatonix and Pitch Perfect among many others, add the finishing touch.

As a bonus, the duet “Eden” is reprised by acclaimed soprano Mela Dailey (Conspirare) and baritone Jonathan Christopher (lead in the National Tour of Hamilton).

October Project Presents
The Book of Rounds—Choral Edition

Written by Julie Flanders & Emil Adler
Produced by Emil Adler & October Project

Performed by Chorus Austin Chamber Ensemble
Conducted by Ryan Heller, Artistic Director

Conceived by Julie Flanders
Arranged by Keiji Ishiguri
Choral re-arrangements by Ryan Heller
Vocal supervision by Marina Belica

Recorded by Thomas van der Brook /Tonehaus
   at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church (Austin, TX)
   Assisted by Max Lorenzen
Mixed by Ed Boyer /Ed Boyer A Cappella (Ridgefield, CT)
Mastered by Bill Hare /Bill Hare Productions (Milpitas, CA)

Additional recording by
   Matt Gerhard at Public Hi-Fi Studio (Austin, TX)
   Kyle Cassel at Kaleidoscope Sound (Union City, NJ)
   Emil Adler at Tritone Productions (New York, NY)

Published by OPX3 Music/ASCAP
Cover designed by Mick Wieland Design
Cover illustration by Olga Suvarova

Chorus Austin Chamber Ensemble


   Carianne Bernatis
   Annie Blancken
   Claudia Carroll
   Megan Crosson
   Ruth Garcia
   Catherine Huyck
   Adrienne Pedrotti
   Kirsten Smayda


   Stephanie Andrews
   Alissa Floyd
   Nooshin Ghanbari
   Ashley Oheim
   Mary Smith
   Rebecca Stidolph
   Jennifer Tullis


   David Bailey
   Scotty Castro
   Aaron Coronado
   Albert Garcia
   Robbie LaBanca
   Richard Shehulski
   Curtis White


   Phillip Bernard
   Eric Johnson
   Tom Lawshae
   Juan Martinez
   Brad Merrell
   Steve Overcashier
   Ryan Ransom
   Keiji Ishiguri, piano

Guest artists

   Mela Dailey
   Jonathan Christopher
   Marina Belica

October Project would like to thank:

John Aielli & Eklektikos (KUTX)
Esteban Alvarez
Austin Central Library
AISD Performing Arts Center
Peter Bay
Martha Beck
Carol Bell
Jon Birge
Ed Boyer
Phoebe Cavise
Chorus Austin Children’s Choir
Conspirare – Craig Hella Johnson, Ann McNair
Genesis Presybterian Church
Google Live (Austin)
Hal Leonard – Scott Foss, Emily Crocker
Bill Hare
Charlie Hawkings
Dr. James & Emily John
Danielle Marrero
Cristina Moskewicz
The Omega Institute
Daniel Packerd
Lucy Powers
Steve & Lynn Overcashier
Rhythmic Fusion
Sounds True – Tami Simon, Randy Roark
Julie Thomas
Ulrich Vilbois & CTGS
The Virtual Choir of Joy
Voices Rising
Mick Wieland
James Wood
Yale Camerata – Maggie Brooks, Laurie Ongley
Yale Whiffenpoofs